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subscribe to this feed! Arrest Records Case Study

One of our clients, Instant Checkmate, provides criminal arrest records for individuals.  They are basically a public data brokerage in a sense, where they secure public records via various databases and compile in depth background checks on individuals. They sell single background checks at a fixed rate, they offer unlimited access on a subscription basis, and they even offer trial promotions at times.

Initially Instant Checkmate came to MCP Media looking to rank for some very specific terms (terms withheld for confidentiality) but as we dug in deep, we discovered there were much higher value terms that provide great traffic that converts better.  One of those terms, is “arrest records”.

According to Google’s keyword suggestion tool, there are roughly 675,000 searches per month for that exact matched phrase. Yet, despite being a relatively high traffic keyword (especially when compared to localized terms) the competition for the phrase is only medium. So naturally, it’s a term we decided to target.

We developed more copy specifically speaking about arrest records, governement arrest records, police arrest records, and similar phrases and started blogging about the term more frequently on the company’s blog.  And within a few weeks, firmly landed a spot on the first page of Google for the term “arrest records”. We intend on continuing our efforts on this phrase since, in natural results alone via Google, we are seeing dozens of visitors daily for our client.  While not exactly a landslide, it’s still minimal effort for some great gains.

The moral of the story is, keyword research. Google provides all the tools you need to be effective if you know how to look at the data properly!Cheap Snapbacks Hats At Snapbackmvp.Com

subscribe to this feed! SEO Copy Wanted

We’ve been getting increasingly more busy, and it’s becoming more common for our clients to ask us to provide them with copy for their sites.  So we’re looking to hire some freelancers.  Part of the payment for those freelance writers out there, is that we will help you with the SEO portion.  This means it’s effectively free SEO training, while you’re getting paid to work!

If you’re interested in helping us write some SEO copy, you can just leave a comment below and we’ll shoot you an email.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

subscribe to this feed! Helping the State of Arizona’s Department of Education

We’re pleased to have been selected as a local leader in technology to assist the State of Arizona in validating this year’s technology curriculum for high school kids who are gearing up for careers in technology.  MCP Media will be focusing on web development and design standards.

I’m pretty excited to help mold the programs that our Arizona kids will be learning this year.  I’ll do my best to insure that the materials are not too focused on last year’s trends, and that emerging technology is top of mind.

I’m not sure exactly what to expect out of this meeting, but I feel it’s my duty to help where I can.  After all, these kids are the future of our state.  We need to do what we can to make sure they have the tools they need to help our state excel, especially in technology.  The last thing we want is for the next Google to open up shop here, then have to leave because of “a lack of talent”.

We are proud to do our part to help educate our kids.

subscribe to this feed! Phoenix SEO Companies

Ranking high for terms like “Phoenix SEO” means we get a *lot* of client inquiries. Although we pride ourselves on being able to help any site get rankings, sometimes we refer clients to other local Phoenix SEO companies.  It’s good karma.

But our reputation is important to us, so if we refer a client to another local SEO company in the Phoenix metro area, we need to make sure it’s a company we trust.  I thought some of our readers might find it interesting to share a few local SEO companies that we think are pretty good.

Well, don’t get me wrong we’re still the best. ;-)  But depending on the job, I would probably trust these local SEOs to rank my website in a pinch. Like us, each has it’s own brand of SEO.   So in no particular order, here are some Phoenix SEO companies that we think are pretty cool.

How’s that for transparency?  Not many other SEO companies are *that* open and honest.

Think about it, if a company is so willing to show you their competition, and even praise their competition, it’s probably the kind of company that will tell it to you straight.  If you need SEO services (whether locally or not) just contact us.  We can help you pick the perfect SEO firm for *your* site.

And for full disclosure, we *usually* feel like the best fit is MCP Media. ;-)

Tread Carefully, the Phoenix SEO Lanscape can be Rocky

Too many times clients come to us after getting burned.  Don’t let that happen to you.  We can help you avoid some of the seedier Phoenix SEO companies.  They exist, we know who most of them are, and we don’t feel it would be appropriate to post that list. Contact us if you are concerned about your local SEO company or if you just want to know what we know about them. :-)

Do you feel like your company should be on this list?

Contact us.  We like keeping good relations with the Phoenix SEO community.  If you’re a company we like, a person we trust, or if you are just an un-deniably amazing Phoenix SEO company, we’ll put your site on this list as well.

subscribe to this feed! Phoenix SEO Marketplace is Heating Up

Phoenix SEO companies are getting more leads lately, especially us it seems.  There was a period a month or two ago that looked like the desert was getting dry, but lately the influx of leads we have seen has me wondering…

Are there signs of life in the economy right now?  Or is it a much worse omen… more companies are halting other forms of advertising and moving online in hopes of greener, and and cheaper, pastures?  Either way, it is good to at least see some economic stimulus in one way or another.  Money flowing will lead to an improved economy. 

Fortunately for us, most marketing publications point towards online marketing as the cheaper and more effective lead generation machanism when compared to offline marketing.  This is right up our alley.  And we can make it even cheaper, by utilizing higher end and advanced marketing techniques such as Multi Variate testing and helping companies create in-house affiliate programs.

And you don’t need to be located in Phoenix Arizona to capitalize on the benefits of MCP Media’s advanced web marketing services.  We accept clients nation wide :-)

subscribe to this feed! Phoenix SEO

I just posted a blog with “Phoenix SEO” in the title on my personal blog.  Immediately that site is ranking #1 on Google for that exact term.

Amazing.  Now THAT’s fast rankings.

I don’t expect them to hold up for more than a few days, they will fall to the 2nd page soon. (I would explain why, but I’ll save that for a later post)

But honestly, if you know the guy who owns this company can get rankings that competitive within 24 hours, wouldn’t you want to hire this company to do your SEO?

I sure would.

MCP Media, we’re currently taking clients. :-)

subscribe to this feed! The Top Arizona Web Design Company (according to Google) Just Got a New Look!

Bump around a bit, check it out.  Kick the tires.  It’s our new look.

Our old site was getting pretty tired, which is really not appropriate for a web design company.  So I decided to pull away from client work for a bit and get this thing looking a little more respectable. The new look better matches what I (we) do.

I know you visit some web design companies’ websites and you’re stunned by amazing visuals, video, flashy animations, and all that jazz.  Well, that type of design simply wouldn’t work for our site.  We’re not that company.  We design things using the K.I.S.S. method (keep it simple stupid!) because people interact better to simple.  Simple converts.  And I have a motive quite frankly.  If you’re looking for SEO or a new look for your site, I want you to contact us.  I don’t want to distract you from the point of this site, which is to get you to call that phone number on the top, or to fill out that form on the right.

Here are some reason why the site looks the way it does:

  • There’s a nice face of a girl at the top because human faces increase conversions.  (though I need a better resolution on that graphic to be honest) Especially happy ones.
  • There’s an arrow to the form, because arrows lead your eye.  And I want you to be looking at the form.
  • The form is dark because the site is light, and the human eye gravitates towards dark on a light page.
  • The design is light, because light is comfortable for the human eye
  • The colors are blue and green, because our logo has been for years
  • The background is light blue, because studies show it makes people comfortable (something to do with the sky being blue from what I hear)
  • There are three bullets in the main graphic window, because sets of three somehow work
  • The button on the form is orange, because that is a great contrast color for the site to be used sparingly for calls to action

And that pretty much sums up why these particular design elements exist.  It’s not just to look pretty, it’s to get a job done.  And the job of this site, is to connect us with you, the potential client!

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